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About Us

Ray picking tea with Mr. Choi of Bohyang Tea Farm in Korea
Ray picking tea with Mr. Choi of Bohyang Tea Farm, May 2014, Bohyang, Korea

Carrying on our love of Tea

For twelve years we operated a beloved teahouse in Portland’s Old Port, Dobra Tea, where we served, sold and educated customers on Camellia Sinensis, the tea plant, and its many variations, flavor profiles and nuances. We feel blessed to have had the experience and engaged so many enthusiasts in tea and for the time we had. Our connection with Dobra Tea, in Prague and the US remains strong as we continue to carry teas from their offering as well as teas from new connections made on tea travels and with tea makers in the US.

We offer shipping and local pickup in Portland, Maine. We source teas grown organically from known, established sources, with whom we have shared a cup, aiming to support small farmers, producers and the pluckers of these teas and their humane and earth-friendly practices.
Lifelong tea drinkers, world travelers and health-conscious individuals, Ray and Elle know the teas offered to be of substantial quality, and continue to honor the origin and presentation of these teas, offering traditional tea ware and tastings, tea experiences, while continuing to share traditions and brewing techniques.

Previously a tearoom…

Our Portland tearoom closed as of March 2023.  For 12 years, our tearoom offered a unique avenue to discover tea, aimed to build a community space for sharing tea, art, conversation and music, while providing knowledge about this little understood beverage, all in supporting the farmers and producers of these beautifully-crafted leaves.

Yamacha garden
Ellen in high-mountain Yamacha tea garden, May 2014, Japan

How we select tea

We carefully select and import teas of superb quality that are grown without pesticides, are organic and from known suppliers. These delicate, loose-leaf teas, which stand out above all for their freshness and distinctive character, are selected directly from the locations where they are produced. We are devoted to providing teas of consistent quality and grade, which are meticulously selected by Spolek – Dobra Cajovna, Prague, from the myriad samples dispatched by the growers immediately after harvest.

You can read about some of our journeys for tea: