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Private Tea Tasting Workshop on the Six Classes of Tea


Private Tea Tasting Covering The Six Classes of Tea

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Interested in exploring real tea and sharing it with friends and family virtually? Then join us for a tasting and talk about tea that is unadulterated, that’s curated and well-vetted. We’ll explore tea from origin, made from centuries old traditions, passed down within families generation to generation. Teas that come from the hillsides, mountains and valleys of the tea countries of Asia and beyond.

We’ll explore teas from each of the six classes -  white, yellow, green, oolong, black and pu-er. We’ll brew 3, share some history and technique, traditions, how to taste tea and how to make selections going forward based on quality, comparable similarities, and personal taste. This is not a class covering herbal teas

Use your own brewing gaiwan, small teapots (about 6-8 oz), or vessels, or we can provide a handled strainer for brewing in a mug. It’s quite easy – it’s all about Tea, Time & Temperature!

Ellen in a Japanese tea garden, Uji, Japan, 2013

One Tea Tasting set brews enough for 2 people. We suggest a maximum of 8 attendees (4 tasting sets).

Hosted and presented by tea knowledge expert Ellen Kanner, owner of Dobrá Tea, Portland and our Devotea staff.

We can schedule over zoom or in-person session once we have confirmation.

We highly suggest a tasting in the morning as the amount of caffeine can be too much for late in the day.

All will be mailed from or brought to your location (additional fee).

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Taiwan 2019
Elle & Ray in Ali Shan, Taiwan, 2019