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Six Classes of Tea Workshop – Photo Gallery

Tea leaves in the hand -

The tips - as found in Yin Zhen white tea, Meng Ding Huan Ya Yellow tea

Plucking by hand - mostly done by women

Withering green tea in China

Sorting stems and debris from leaves for Liu'an Guapian

Stirring the leaves to make sure all leaves are fully dried leaf for Liu'an Guapian

Packed tea ready for shipping

Ellen in a Japanese tea garden - notice the uniformity of the rows. The fans are used to keep frost off the plants.

Covered tea - Kabusecha is one of the covered teas we tasted, Japan

Yamacha garden - also known as mountain grown Sencha. Another Japanese garden, stepped for Yama (mountain) Cha (tea)

The couple in their 70s who pick the tea in this stepped garden

Their facility and house below the tea gardens

Sencha and Hojicha at a processing facility

Ellen in a tea field, Japan

Machine harvesting in Japan - - notice the uniform rows

Machine harvesting in Japan

Tea grown under cover stresses the plant, brings forth more chlorophyll and a better tea

The tea fields of Taiwan - we tasted La La Shan the red oolong. Shan means "mountain."

Fog and tea fields, Taiwan

Oolong tea fields, Taiwan

Oolong tea fields, Taiwan

Processing Li Shan in Taiwan, 2019

Processing Li Shan in Taiwan, 2019

Tea seed pods

Camellia flower

Tea is grown in the Azores - Black tea gardens in Sao Miguel, Azores

Sri Lanka tea pluckers

The field the pluckers are heading to in Sri Lanka

Buddika of Forest Hill tea setting up the tasting

Spittoon at Forest Hill Tea

This varietal has a purple hue, which makes the pink-green tea

Ahinsa tea pluckers, Sri Lanka

Me and the tea pluckers at Ahinsa Tea

Tea tasting in Sri Lanka

Train ride over tea fields from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, Sri Lanka

Pu-er Withering, Yunnan, China

Pu-er wet piling

Pu-er Melowing

VW, Taiwan - The End

Elle and Ray in a tea field, Taiwan, 2019

Interior of Dobra Tea