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Tea Classes


Our upcoming Tea Workshop: Saturday, March 13,  2021, 10am – 12 noon

The Six Classes of Tea

Let’s explore real tea — tea that is unadulterated, that’s curated and well-vetted. Let’s explore tea from origin, made from centuries old traditions, passed down within families generation to generation. Teas that come from the hillsides, mountains and valleys of the tea countries of Asia and beyond.

We’ll explore teas from each of the six classes -  white, yellow, green, oolong, black and pu-er, how it’s brewed, some history and traditions, how to taste tea and how to make selections going forward based on quality, comparable similarities, and personal taste.

Use your own brewing gaiwans, small teapots, or vessels, or we can provide a handled strainer for brewing in a mug.

Choose from three (3) options – $25-49, available for $5 shipping or no charge for pickup

  • 9 tea samples and interactive video link for workshop – SOLD OUT
  • 9 tea samples and interactive video link for workshop, add a handled strainer if  you need it for brewing – SOLD OUT
  • Just the video conference link.

Sorry, the shipped tea brewing option for the tea class is sold out.

All will be mailed or available for pickup beginning Saturday, March 6.
Please order for shipping by March 7.  Ordering for pickup in Portland, Maine is until March 11.

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