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Feb 26: Uncovering the Mysteries: Pu’er Tea Class

Sunday, February 26, 10am-12pm

With this introductory class to Pu’er, journey back to the birthplace of all tea.

With Pu’er you can taste the heart of the Chinese Jungles and walk the original paths of the Tea Horse Road through Tibet and the Himalayas.  In the class we will experience this through a sampling of multiple Pu’ers and with pictures from our Travels into the heart itself.  We will discuss history, processing, definitions, terminology and varieties, all the while brewing and sharing the tea together.

No prior knowledge of tea is necessary, only your curiosity and taste buds.  Led by our experienced and knowledgeable Devoteas, questions and exclamations of joy are greatly encouraged.  Participants will enjoy an interactive, guided tasting tour, accompanied by light snacks.

Space is limited, so advanced registration is required.

$20 per person

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