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On the Artwall: Molly Tucker – Re-Crystalization of Bygone Landscapes

Born in New York, Molly Tucker is an ecological artist and amateur geologist currently residing in Portland, Maine. She is set to receive her BFA in photography from Maine College of Art in 2019. Growing up at the “foothills” of the Adirondack Park has influenced a large portion of Tucker’s life. In particular, the bare bedrock of “The Brothers” on Big Slide mountain is where Tucker’s admiration for physical geology is rooted. “The Brothers” provided her ground to photograph, speculate and uncover the complexities of minerals that lay dormant beneath her. The expansion of Tucker’s geological collection has allowed her to examine over 100 individual specimen and unearth an infatuation to study our interdependent relationship with rocks. Combining her deep passion for geology and environmental issues, such as climate change and pollution, Tucker explores the tactility of cameraless photograms created in the landscape under direct sunlight on silver gelatin paper. As the photographic medium utilizes minerals and ores from the Earth, she embraces this cyclic nature of mining for silvers in the paper and changing their chemical composition once submerged into different toning baths. This process of mining for silvers has resonated deeply with Tucker as a conversation between her photography work and field investigations of geological & chemical changes to the environment. Primarily operating through alternative processes and cameraless photography, Tucker’s practice also includes lens based photography and post-photographic digital treatment of images.

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