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Beyond the Six Classes: Unique and Different, Teas not often Tasted

Saturday November 6, 2021, 10AM – 12PM – Virtual Tea Tasting Workshop

What about those teas we never get to taste? Greener oolongs, dark earthy pu-ers and wild tea buds, to name a few. Perhaps the green stems of Kukicha or the roasted version of Hojicha? We’ll explore and brew 5 teas and there will be one extra for you to try on your own.  Tasting will be 1 1/2 hrs with room for questions at the end. If you’ve taken our Six Classes of Tea Workshop, this is more of an exploration of teas not represented in that workshop because they are a tad different than the usual for their class of tea.

Use your own brewing gaiwans, small teapots, or vessels, or we can provide a handled strainer for brewing in a mug – just make that selection.

Choose from two (2) options – $45-49, available – $5 shipping or no charge for pickup at 89 Exchange Street, Portland

All will be mailed or available for pickup beginning Saturday, October 30.
Please order for shipping by October 31.  Ordering for pickup in Portland, Maine is until November 5.

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