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Always Environmentally Conscious

We aim to be as environmentally conscious in our day-to-day business dealings as possible.
Several ways we do this:

  • We shop two times per week for groceries from local purveyors. This affords little to no waste and we can adjust as necessary depending on the season and needs of the tearoom.
  • We compost everything we can. Ellen has been a lifetime recycler, so she knows the value of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle -and compost!  Garbage to Garden is our partner in this effort. And we now use compostable napkins and stainless steel bubble tea straws!
  • We keep it local. Our suppliers are local and we aim to keep the trips to the grocery stores and that of our bakers to a minimum. Granted, tea (Camellia sinensis) comes from the other side of the planet, but we aim to buy our herbals, seaweed and mushroom teas as locally as much as possible.
  • We support Bicycle Benefits and other non-profit organizations that support the environment through donations and promotion.
  • We keep our paper use to a minimum. You’ll notice we don’t offer “To Go” menus as we do not want the extra waste. Nor do we offer food to go in containers. But you can bring your own container any time and we’ll gladly put a hummus plate in it.
  • We evaluate tea drinks and products and aim to serve only those that tread lightly on our bodies and the planet.
  • We offer organic food ingredients as much as possible. We strive to buy organic whether it be carrots or soy milk.

All in the name of treading lightly on the planet!

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