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Japan Tea Tour 2024 with Little Tree Tea

A tea garden in Shizuoka, Japan, stepped for Yama (mountain) Cha (tea). Yamacha is also known as mountain grown Sencha.


Perhaps you remember the opening of our teahouse in 2011, and the people who were instrumental in getting it off the ground, a place to meet, chill and sip tea, that became a beloved part of the Portland Community. If you knew Matthew and Kristin, then you would know their incredible knowledge, experience, and love of tea, and the cultures that create it. They’ve traveled all over Asia for tea, with nothing more than a backpack and the yearning to seek out the makers, farmers and producers of this fine beverage. Now they are offering a tour of Japan in 2024 with visits to Tokyo, Shizuoka, Uji, Shiga, and Kyoto.

We were happy to hear of this tour, wholeheartedly support Little Tree Tea’s adventure, had been looking to collaborate with them. You’re invited to join them on this tour. Please visit their website to learn more:


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