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How to use your Libre Tea Glass

libreoriginalThe Libre Glass’n Poly is designed in Canada and for sale at Dobrá Tea. This short instructional video from Libre Tea explains how it works and the two ways to brew tea in it.

Please note: When brewing with very hot water and inverting the Libre, before opening you’ll want to release some of the steam pressure that has built up by slightly unscrewing/and then re-tightening the top, otherwise it may leak, and pressure can build up  – DO NOT RELEASE THE PRESSURE WHEN THE LIBRE IS UPSIDE DOWN. Remember, the water is very hot.

Also, when you remove the filter and lid, there will be water in it – just give the top a tap-tap on the side of the glass vessel to empty the extra water into the vessel.

Libre has supplied us with a handout for properly using the vessel to ensure secure tea brewing with no leaks.

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