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Why is my green tea bitter?

What you brew for tea is as important as how long you brew it.

One of the most obvious results of this is with green tea when boiling water and steeping for longer than 1 minute will give you the bitter tea result.

When brewing tea, it’s all about time, temperature and the type of tea. With green tea, we suggest boiling the water, waiting 5 minutes for it to cool  before pouring it over the green tea leaves. And only steeping it for 1 minute! Many green teas have very delicate flavors and hence get lost when it is steeped too long or with boiling water.

One other thing about brewing large loose-leaf green tea, as well as white, yellow, oolongs and pu-er, is that you can get more than one infusion, or steeping, out of your leaves. With green teas, you can usually get a total of 3.

So save the leaves and enjoy your brew for a couple more cups!


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