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2018 Taiwan Tea Journey

May 11-24, 2018

Palm trees and tea fields in Taiwan, one of a few places you can see the two together

We traveled for tea, this time to Taiwan to connect with the farmers and producers of our most favorite oolong teas!

Embarking on another tea journey, the owners of Dobrá Tea, a teahouse located at 89 Exchange St., Portland, will head to Taiwan for oolong plucking, production and sourcing of these cherished teas.

For most of May owners Ellen Kanner and Ray Marcotte traveled with 10-12 other “Devoteas” from the US and Eastern Europe to connect with producers while tasting and selecting teas to sell in their tearooms. Along winding roads and various forms of transportation, the group travels to tea farms, experiencing up to 6 tastings per day, and where the agenda is to compare the quality, flavor, and characteristics of these special teas.

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Elle and Ray in a tea field, Taiwan, 2019

Previous trips have been taken to India and Nepal (2017), Korea and Japan (2015), The Azores (2016), and China (2012). Organized by business partner and founder Ales Jurina of Dobrá čajovna, Prague, CZ, the tea trip is both an educational endeavor and chance to connect with the farmers and producers while gaining insight into the culture of Taiwan and its tea heritage.

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