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On the Artwall: Faces and Finds in the Tea Lands

The Chai Wallah, Darjeeling, India

On the Artwall through mid March

We visited him early each morning and the occasional afternoon for street chai and Kitchari, the Indian dish of mung dal, potatoes and many spices.

Through our tea journeys, we’ve found great beauty in the tea lands, cultures, and people of these countries: The Chai Wallah you share breakfast with, the tea pluckers who have just negotiated their work day with the estate manager, the family of 3 on the back of a motorbike aiming to get to work and going faster than our car going 60 MPH. Life is lived with fewer safety precautions and people take greater risks to sustain themselves. Their striving to do so often catches us by surprise. These photos are a collage of experiences, the faces and places that make traveling for tea such a unique and rewarding experience.

– Ellen Kanner and Ray Marcotte, Dobra Tea owners

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